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L’épicerie is a plastic-free shop in Leiden that offers both food products and household items in bulk or without plastic packaging. Our missions are to reduce the plastic pollution in the environment and fight food waste by allowing our customers to choose the quantity of food they want. Help us settle down and expand to offer the people of Leiden as many plastic-free products as possible!

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1. Who are we ?

We is actually me, Caroline Perrier, that decided two and a half years ago to move for my master thesis in environmental sciences from France to the Netherlands, and I never left since then!

Despite all the love I have for Leiden, I realized over the years how difficult it is to do your groceries, buy your household or skincare products without plastic packaging. To become truly aware of the quantity of plastic packaging we were consuming, me and my boyfriend started to separate the plastic from the rest of the waste.

With this new information, we then looked for solutions to reduce our plastic consumption and realized that there was no bulk and plastic-free shop in Leiden. I therefore decided to open one myself to make bulk and packaging-free shopping accessible to everyone!

How does it work ? Nothing more simple !

That’s it ! Continue shopping and enjoy the store !

2. Where do we stand now ?

The shop is now opened since Saturday 13 November 2021! The next step is to expand the range of products offered to our customers. Eventually, we want to offer as many products as possible without plastic packaging.

3. What are our objectives ?

If we reach the minimum of €10.000,- we would be able to add the final touch to our store and to expand our range of products by investing in more silos and trays to be able to offer a bigger diversity of products for our customers. With this support, we will also be able to renew our stock of our current products, to be ready for 2022!

We are in contact with local Dutch companies to add new products such as dry beans, nut mixes from Bas Boer Noten and a range of commonly used herbs and spices.

If we reach the €20.000,- goal, we have the plan later on to set up a dedicated counter for biological juices and fruit syrups !

We also would like to add a range of beverages, such as ChariTea, Fritz-Kola and NaturFrisk.

You can help improving our shop L’épicerie by investing through a loan that will be paid back in 5,5 years with an interest rate of 2%.

You can reach us at for any question.

Are you joining us ?
Together towards zero waste shopping !

Project details

Type financiering
2% rente
€ 10.000
5 jaar, 6 maanden
Publicatie datum
26 november 2021
Minimaal € 100K
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